The Colony half marathon (fact: race photos are unavoidably ugly)

Welcome to my blog! This blog will be pretty much whatever I’d like to put up on here. That’ll include nutrition:

  • Nutrition articles that I write
  • Recipes and cooking instructions
  • Questions that I may get from others
  • My hobbies which include gaming (like my stream!)
  • Interesting physical activities that I may learn about
  • Big events that I’d like to share
  • Maybe even some travel adventures?
  • My hatred for pseudoscience

My name is Kimberly, I go by Kim! I’m a Registered Dietitian with a MS in exercise and sports nutrition. I’m here to write and share my educated opinions on nutrition, and nutrition fads. My articles will be well researched using article databases available to me (ie. PubMed), will include my thoughts on the topic, and practical applications of anything discussed.. if there are practical applications that is!

I’ll also share my hobbies such as gaming and running, and I’m even going to keep my Twitch stream up to share how awful I am 🙂 Games that I enjoy are FFXIV, the Soulsborne series, any action role playing type games, and occasionally some horror. I don’t really enjoy FPS games, and the battle royale band wagon annoys me- let the hate begin!


I’m an Army brat who spent most of her childhood in upstate New York. I joined the Army at 18 to serve 6 years active duty as a Multimedia Illustrator. Went Airborne, and did some fun stuff and even won the Fine Arts category of MILGRAPH in 2010! Even though my first love was art- drawing and painting, when I got in shape for Airborne school I found how important my nutrition was for performance. This is where my appreciation for good nutrition came from. Once I ETS’d I went to school for nutrition and stuck with it long enough to get my RD and MS.

I now live in Texas with my hubby, doing my thing! I hope to be able to help others find health and happiness through good food and exercise.